Which Target Splint do I need?




  • Kristin Browning-Mezel

    Thank you for the message- we are looking at all our splints right now and trying to determine a solution to the target you mention. 

    As it turns out making a splint that fits the variety of targets out there is quite difficult so we count on user feedback to help refine what works and doesn't work! 

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  • Dave Street

    Kristen, In response to my post in the product page I can confirm the target brackets in the Star Trek Premium Vault look identical to the picture that you say they will not work. This is my fault I guess for not looking closer at what they looked like before purchasing. I really wish you made one that fit those brackets as my Star Trek targets have a serious "lean" issue. Thanks for everything you do! Please reach out to me if you decide to make the splints that will fit I could really use them.

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