Snake Fang Installation



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  • Kristin Browning-Mezel

    One user shared this helpful information on his install:
    It´s of great help to magnetize the Philips screwdriver tip (with the pinball woofer, for example), avoiding a possible fall of the back snake screw. Even loosening the top and back snake screws, there is another screw and post in the middle of the snake top bracket (where we are going to push the mod), so an small (2 inch long) phillips screwdriver added to the kit would have been very welcome. As there is a very very tiny space, you have to push VERY HARD on the fangs assembly. It´s of great help examining the middle bottom part of the piece (looking to the ground, just near its "clip") because there is an small dent-stair in the shape that does not let you push it into the snake head (I wasted half an hour until I realised this).

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