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  • Kristin Browning-Mezel

    Troubleshooting tips

    Not dropping completely
    Typically, this is a pretty easy adjustment. At the very bottom of drop target mechanism there is a set screw that allows you to adjust the height of the target. You will see it sticking straight out of the mechanism, just below the actual drop target. You can turn it up, or down in your case, to adjust the height. I usually do it with one hand, with my other hand on the top of the playfield so I can feel when it is flush. Its kinda hard on WOZ because there is a plastic over the target, so you might need someone to help get their hand in there from the top! (photo)

    Target sticking
    Experiment with different configurations without the washer on bottom, then top. Remove washer to allow more room for the target to move freely

    Not resetting into the up position
    Target might be catching on something. Make sure it clears the screws that attach the microswitch to the bottom of the target assembly, make sure the catch on the target is able to pop up and clear the top of the catch on the assembly. You should be able to do all of these tests without removing the target. The fix will probably require some sort of adjustment

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